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Mrs Katja Sjöberg
(former Mrs Pasquariello)

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In Swedish

Below you will find some information of my doggy background. I consider it essential to keep myself updated in the dog world. Therefore I frequently attend to courses and lectures, which I find interesting, given by breed clubs etc. Of course I am showing my dogs as well.


After having made up my mind to breed labradors I decided to learn as much as possible to be well prepared. In the years 1985-1987 I attended to the below courses arranged by the Swedish Kennel Club:

* Basic breeder course
* Genetics and breeding methods
* Skinproblems in dogs
* Deepened ethology
* Anatomy and ability to move - Training to judge - Step 1
* Exterior- and movement analysis - Training to judge - Step 2
* Classification - Training to judge - Step 3
* Show judging - Training to judge - Step 4
* The Breed standard in theory and practice

Describing a dog's mental health

04-09-2004 the Swedish Labrador Club has invited the breeders in the south of Sweden to an education regarding the way of descibing the mental health of the dog. The describing shows the way your dog acts in a given situation and the result is compared with a given average result for dogs in general.

The recommended age for describing the dog is between 12-18 months. The describing of one dog takes about 45 minutes in all. It is essential to describe as many dogs as possible to be able to get a good view of the mental health of your breeding.

Field Trial courses

As the labrador is a gundog I felt it would be important to learn about the working ability of the breed. In 1988 I attended to a Field Trial course arranged by the Swedish Labrador Retriever Club. Course tutors: John and Sandra Halstead, Drakeshead Kennels in England.

Over the years I have attended to some FT tests as well as training courses. The results are nothing to take pride in, however the dogs are not to be blamed. I have also trained my dogs in the field with varying degrees of success.

Dog Care and Health

In the years 1989-1991 I worked as an orderly in the Animal veterinary hospital of Malmö. All employees were trained in the care of animals as well as animal illnesses. I have also attended to courses in this branch arranged by breed clubs, veterinary surgeons etc.

Standardized national test (SKK) and ring steward education

There was a time when I was toying with the idea of judging show dogs. In prospect of SKK's preparation course to become a show judge you must pass SKK's standardized test. In 1994 I passed this test the first time. At that time I was not an authorized ring steward, which was a must. After having completed the ring steward course in 1995 I applied for the preparation course once more. Unfortunately the period of validity for the test had expired.
I then had to write it once more.

In 1998 I passed the test for the second time. Unfortunately I was not in the selected group for the preparation course, thus putting a final end to my judging plans. Apart from this, the standardized national test gave me some pointers on my personal knowledge of the dog's anatomy and ability to move as well as the judging system.

Puppy trainer (SKK)

In 2001 the Swedish Kennel Club arranged a year-long course in basic puppy training which was a pilot project in co-operation with the Swedish Working Dog Club. The course was divided into a theoretical and a practical part supervised by a mentor. In 2002 I had the first puppy training-course of my very own.

Commission of trust

Most people in the dog world sooner or later will find themselves involved in one or two  committees. I am no exception. I have been active in the Swedish Labrador Retriever Club (LRK) as a secretary (LRK/Skåne) during
3 years in the early eightieth and in 1998-2000 as a chairman of the election committee.

In 1998 I was elected Breed Councellor of LRK (The Swedish Labrador Retriever Club)/Head board's Breed Council group. In 2001, after a most interesting commission, I choose to leave the board.

On the 16th of February 2008 I was elected Chairman of the southern district of The Swedish Spaniel and Retriever Club (SSRK/Södra).

Judging (unofficially)

Over the years I have been trusted to judge (unofficially) at different breed clubs as well
as working dog clubs in Sweden. As a matter of curiosity I have judged the Bichon Frisé Ringen's Open show
- Bichon Frisé Special Syd 2000. My latest judging assignment in Sweden was 27.09.2009. (Photo below)

Left: Sabina Swahn, Nina Jonzon, Katja Sjöberg & Stefan Harde

Judging in Denmark

In 1996 - Labradors - Open Show - the Danish Retriever Club/Nordsjaelland.
In 1999 - Retrievers - Open Show - the Danish Retriever Club/Region Bornholm.
In 2004 - Labradors - Open Show - the Danish Retriever Club/Midtsjaelland.
In 2006 - Labradors - Open Show - the Danish Retriever Club/Nordsjaelland.

Judging in Holland

13th of May 2007 I judged the labradors at the Decennial jubilee "Circle of Labrador Breeders" Open Air Club Show in Utrecht, Holland together with Mrs Gunilla Ek and Mrs MaiLis Åkesson.


To the best of my ability I have put together this website using Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe Photoshop. I try to keep it updated continuously. Please contact me if you meet a problem with the site or if you find some incorrect spelling or pieces of information.
01-01-2006 I have started up as a webmaster for a couple of websites.

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Mrs Katja Sjöberg