Alexandra & Tenshi

Tenshi 9½ weeks with Alexandra 9 years on the beach in Ljunghusen.

Tenshi 1 year old

Tenshi & Ronja

Ronja 8½ years old with Tenshi 6 months old

Ronja 9 years old with Tenshi 1 year old

Tenshi & Mollie

Tenshi 17 months with Mollie 5 years in whelp to
Lucky (DK UCH, SE UCH Mighty Rebels Only Sense)

Tenshi (nearly 11 weeks)

Noven's Looks Like An Angel "Tenshi" with Caccia Naevia "Mollie"

Tenshi (nearly 5 month) in her new harness in Käglinge,
close to our house, where I can let her go for a while.

Shibaspecialen på First Camp, Sibbarp (Malmö) 2017-05-27

Tenshis debut i utställningsringen


Noven's Looks Like An Angel (4½ mån)
med en mycket orutinerad handler (på Shiba)
på Tenshis första utställning.
3:a i Valpklass 4-6 mån. med fin kritik. Vi var i ett gott gäng.
Dömde gjorde Marianne Baden från Danmark.

Tenshi 3 months old in our garden. I wonder what she is looking at?

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